Our vision is to help Egypt’s people in their efforts towards the following:

  • The reinstitution of democracy in Egypt, including all democratically elected institutions
  • The reopening of any media groups that have been shut down as a result of the coup;
  • The freeing of all political and opposition prisoners;
  • The establishment of an independent judiciary system, away from any government influence;
  • The establishment of a responsible and transparent government that works for the protection of all Egyptians.

In pursuit of this vision, we seek to be recognized globally by policy-makers, professionals, academics, corporations and the media as a driving force for the advancement of democracy and human rights in Egypt.

Who We Are

Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (EADHR) is a global movement of thousands of people who believe in fighting for democracy and human rights. We are campaigning for an Egypt in which the rights of every citizen are safeguarded and protected.

We are an educational and civil freedoms non-profit focused on the status of democracy in Egypt. Our hope is to safeguard and reinstitute the democratic process in Egypt, protect the fundamental human rights of all Egyptian citizens, and stand as a voice of the Egyptian people to the international community around the status of democracy in Egypt.

What Does EADHR Do?

We preserve, protect and promote democratic principles, whenever and wherever abuses happen. We protect and safeguard fundamental human rights, civil liberties and rule of law for all Egyptians, regardless of identity. We believe in dialogue, collaborative efforts and optimism as the principal mean towards conflict resolution, and in promoting equal opportunities for all Egyptians. By helping global communities work together, we mobilize community resources towards improving the quality of life for all Egyptians.

Where It All Began

On July 3rd, 2013, Egypt’s Minister of Defense ousted Dr. Mohammad Morsy, the country’s first ever democratically elected President. Instead, they appointed Mr. Adly Mansour, the Head of the Constitutional Court, as interim president. Simultaneously, the military closed down television stations, arrested the staff, and rounded up guests during live broadcast. They also dismantled the elected Upper House of Parliament. The Egyptian people revolted against the coup all across the nation: from north Egypt to the southern city of Aswan, and from the Sinai Desert to the western city of Al Salloum.

Outraged by Egypt’s military corruption, concerned Egyptian Americans met and decided to establish EADHR. They formed the organization to help Egypt reclaim its path to democracy by supporting Egyptians in the resistance against the military coup and repressive laws, and monitoring any violations of civil rights and human freedoms. This inspiring moment didn’t just give birth to an extraordinary movement, it was the start of extraordinary social change.