Last week, a series of shocking recordings were leaked and aired on the Egyptian TV channel, Mekameleen. These recordings were between several senior army officers and other top officials trying to solve an issue that could have dismissed the case against former President Morsi, who was removed by the military in a coup last year. After Morsi was removed from office, he was detained in an undisclosed location by the military. According to Egyptian law, it is unlawful to detain a civilian inside military barracks for any period of time. In order to get around this issue, the officials can be heard fabricating evidence to make it seem like Morsi was detained in a prison rather than a military barrack. The officials discuss renovating the appearance of the building from the interior and exterior, changing the records of the building, and building a new road and fence around the building. Since the leaks were published, Moris’s legal team have called on the UN to conduct an investigation into Morsi’s detention and trail. Google Earth satellite images seem to confirm the changes done in the area to separate the building from the military unit. The Egyptian government has denied the recordings and have launched their own investigation.