November 29, 2013

The crackdown on political opponents knows no color, no gender, no religion.

Arrested yesterday by Egyptian authorities, Journalist Ramy Jan is a prominent anti-coup activist who founded the movement “Christians Against the Coup.” (Source: PressTV)

Wednesday, authorities issued arrest warrants for Ahmed Maher, founder of “The April 6 Movement,” and Alaa Abdul Fattah, a known political activist who demonstrated against President Morsy earlier this year, accusing them of inciting people to “violate the protest law” by demonstrating in front of the Upper House of Parliament on Tuesday. Alaa Abdul Fattah was arrested yesterday from his home in Cairo. Authorities beat up his wife and confiscated his laptops. (Source: BBC News and Al-Masriyoon News)

Tuesday, 24 demonstrators were arrested outside the Upper House of Parliament, where the 50 military appointees are working to amend the Constitution. The demonstrators announced a hunger strike to protest their detention. Some of the women activists say they were beaten by authorities and left stranded in the desert. (Source: BBC News and ECESR)

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