Press Release

Leaks of The Coup Conspiracy Against President Morsi

Washington, December 6th, 2014:

In recent events, secret communications were leaked in which top men in the Egyptian Armed Forces conspired to falsify documents and facts related to the kidnapping and detention of President Morsi.

The conspirators included, but were not limited to:

  • General Mamdouh Shaheen, the Legal Council of the Egyptian Military Council
  • General Mohamed Ibrahim, the Minister of Interior
  • Hisham Barakat, the Attorney General
  • General Abbas Kamel, the Chief of Staff for General El-Sisi
  • General Osama Elgendy,  the Chief Officer of the Navy
  • General Mahmoud Hegazy, the then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • General Abdelfatah El-Sisi, the then Minister of Defense

These are very serious discoveries indicative of an obvious government conspiracy to undermine Egypt’s democracy and the rights of President Morsi. It is yet further evidence of the show trial against Dr. Morsi, where the coup government attempts to falsify records to create their desired and certain outcome.

Therefore, and in light of the above discoveries, the Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights demand all nations to condemn the Egyptian Military Coup of July 3rd, 2013; stop all social, political, or economic support of this illegitimate government; and more importantly, to support the real democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people who are still standing for their rights despite all the killing, imprisonment, and lies.

Hany Saqr,

Chairman of the Board


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