3-10-2014 8-17-40 AM

How long will America remain silent as its citizens are unjustly held and inhumanely treated by Egypt’s coup government? Medea Benjamin, an American political activist who co-founded CODEPINK, was detained for one night in Egypt before being forceably deported out of the country. While held in deplorable conditions, she was brutally beaten by coup authorities. She tweeted that they stomped on her back and broke her arm, after which they handcuffed her resulting in her wrists bleeding. The two men that assaulted her then escorted her on the flight from Cairo to Istanbul (New York Times). The US Embassy stated that they provided consular assistance, however Code Pink’s McCracken said the Embassy did not help Benjamin (CBS News).

It appears that the US government’s silence and lack of action against the mistreatment of the US citizens by Egyptian generals has emboldened the Egyptian authorities to act with perceived impunity. Illegitimately detained in Egypt’s coup prisons for over 6 months, Mohamed Soltan, a US citizen, is desperately seeking support from his government who has not even acknowledged his hunger strike, going on 42 days now.

EADHR condemns the unjust and inhumane treatment of all people. EADHR is calling on the US government to stand behind its own citizens and demand the just and humane treatment of Americans by all foreign entities, specifically the Egyptian authorities. EADHR is further calling on the US government to hold those responsible accountable for this crime against Medea. The economic and military ties between the US and the Egyptian Army is such that the US can exert pressure if she so chooses. It is time to exert that pressure.