Cairo University has suspended 15 members of staff from various colleges pending the outcome of investigations regarding allegations that they incited violence or participating in it and in the anti-coup demonstrations that took place within the university, the university’s president Jaber Nassar said yesterday.

In an interview with Al-Ahram newspaper, Nassar said that there are 20 more university employees who have been suspended from work over similar charges of incitement to violence and participating in demonstrations; pointing out that the investigations are ongoing.

“The university will discuss on Monday the results of investigations with 11 students and the Disciplinary Board’s decisions that could lead to their final dismissal, if they are found guilty of engaging in acts of sabotage, the use of violence and threatening the university and the lives of students, faculty and staff and exposing them to danger,” he said.

Cairo University dismissed 134 students, 17 of them appealed and their appeals were accepted.

Nassar said the cases of 117 other students are still ongoing. Parents will have to sign a written declaration in front of the Disciplinary Board to ensure their children do not participate in demonstrations again, the university president said. If the students engage in similar actions after their appeal is accepted, they will be expelled from university and will have to compensate it for damages.

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