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Guess who’s coming to New York this week?

A man who murdered thousands of peaceful protesters in just a few days!

Who crushed Egypt’s first democratic government, and imprisons and tortures tens of thousands of Egyptian men and women,

And whose regime issued the harshest mass conviction in modern history by sentencing eleven hundred Egyptian citizens to death.

The Human Rights Watch has called for General El-Sissi and his security forces to be investigated and held accountable for violating international law,

yet he enjoys 1.3 billion dollars in U.S. aid every year.

This week, El-Sissi visits New York to meet with world leaders.

Let’s send him a message that he is not welcome in our city,
and that America can’t be friends with criminals.

Call your representatives.
Tell them we object to our tax dollars supporting dictatorships.

Demand that our leaders have nothing to do with
El-Sissi and his criminal regime.

This message comes to you from :
Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights