Call for Action in Wake of Egypt’s Revolution Anniversary

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Call for Action in Wake of Egypt’s Revolution Anniversary

Organization mobilizes national efforts under slogan “Support Ballots, Not Bullets”

Egyptian RevolutionWashington, DC – In light of President Obama’s State of the Union, lacking coverage surrounding Egypt’s news, and escalating situations facing Egypt’s American detainees, EADHR seeks immediate action nationally. Egyptian-Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (EADHR), the largest American human rights non-profit focused on Egypt’s human rights and democratic efforts, hosts events nationwide to raise awareness to Egypt’s human rights violations.

Four years ago, the January 25th revolution was sparked by citizen outrage on the lack of basic life necessities, inspired by their neighboring countries’ rallies for change. Now, Egypt remains under military rule, resulting in a lack of democratic treatment to many citizens. Nonetheless, this year’s State of the Union failed to discuss the current situation in Egypt. It is the first year following the Arab Spring that the issue was neglected. “The lack of headlines surrounding the imprisonment of American citizen Mohammad Soltan in Egypt is alarming,” says Dr.Hany Saqr, Chairman of EADHR. “To many, it will be taken as a symbol of the lacking importance of the human rights plight in Egypt to our own democratic government at home.”

The importance of bringing attention to the human rights grievances Egypt is committing was especially underscored this weekend with the death of Shaimaa el-Sabagh, a peaceful protester commemorating the anniversary of the revolution. Her murder signifies that there is yet much to be worked on before Egypt can finally be free. Along with her death, 26 protesters were killed on the anniversary.

From January 23 through February 7, EADHR will be honoring the fourth anniversary of the Egyptian revolution through events nationwide. EADHR will be sponsoring rallies in major cities nationwide, as well as community events aimed to raise awareness about organizational efforts and the current situation in Egypt. The events will feature high profile Egyptian political figures. Thousands of attendees are expected to attend in support of democratic values and human rights in Egypt.

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