Mohamed Soltan Released from Egyptian Prison, Returned to US

Washington, DC

May 30, 2015

Mohamed-SoltanIn a moment of triumph after more than two years of imprisonment and oppression, Mohamed Soltan was released from Egypt’s grasp, and will be arriving this evening at Washington Dulles International Airport. Having spent much of his time in detention on a crippling hunger strike, Soltan was sentenced to life in prison in April.

However, after more than a month of protests and appeals from international human rights groups, citizens around the world and the US government, he was released under a legal decree from the corrupt Egyptian government that gave al-Sisi the ability to exile foreign citizens convicted of crimes. It is a decree that several prisoners, including Mohamed Fahmy of Al-Jazeera, have already taken advantage of – and a decree that Mohamed Soltan was initially against, but decided to take when the corupt life sentence was brought down in April.

In a statement released to the New York Times, his family said, “As you can imagine, after spending several hundred days on hunger strike, and many months in solitary confinement, Mohamed’s health is dire. He will receive medical treatment as soon as he arrives on U.S. soil and will spend the immediate future with his family recovering.”

His release signifies just one step in the fight for Egyptian democracy and freedom.

While we welcome his release with joy and celebration, Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights continues to fight for those still wrongfully oppressed and imprisoned under Egypt’s corrupt legal system. Mohamed Soltan’s Egyptian co-workers remain behind and facing trial, symbolizing the extreme plight of thousands of political prisoners for whom deportation is not an option. EADHR reiterates its dedication to the  fight for Egypt’s democracy and freedom, and welcomes you to join us in doing so.