“Inmates and their families used to tell me of dreams they’ve had of me being free, now they have dreams of me eating. I tell them that its all the same, I will not eat until I have my freedom back,” said Mohamed Soltan, a 25 year old US citizen unjustly imprisoned in Egypt’s inhumane coup prisons. Nearing 200 days of shackles, Soltan has been on a hunger strike for 41 days today. His health is deteriorating, but he remains steadfast in his stance for freedom and justice.

Soltan was working as a media correspondent during the Rabaa Square sit-in that was violently dispersed on August 14, 2013. During the military raid on the unarmed civilians, Soltan was shot in the arm. He managed to get out alive, however, was arrested shortly thereafter. Every 15 days, the puppet courts reinstate his unlawful imprisonment without ever actually trying him.

Mohamed is a symbol for Egypt’s struggle for freedom. His strength is inspiration for us all. “As the days go by, I’ve come to realize that God has blessed me with spiritual strength that increases faster than my body weakens” (said on day 30 of his hunger strike).

Take Action Now:

Request your Representative and Senators to take speedy actions to Free Soltan! Mohamed has not given up on himself or on Egypt. Surely, we can at least voice our support for his courage and stand for his freedom.


Read more: Egyptian Military Crackdown Leads to Arrest of American Citizen | TIME.com http://world.time.com/2013/08/27/egyptian-military-crackdown-leads-to-arrest-of-american-citizen/#ixzz2v9Kne6qO