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My Letter to Obama:

I’m writing about Mohamed Soltan, a young American from OH who is currently going on 65 days of a hunger strike in Egypt’s inhumane dungeons. I’m guessing you’ve heard about him. He was in Egypt during the Rabaa sit-in working as a media correspondent. Soltan was shot in the arm during the dispersal of Rabaa and later arrested from an apartment along with other journalists. He was subjected to torture and brutality, as well as denied needed medical attention. His family, here in the US, has been trying to raise awareness to bring him back home. He is at a critical point now given that he has been on a hunger strike for over 2 months.

I can’t help but wonder why the US is not bringing him home. Is it because his name is Mohamed and he’s not exactly a white boy from OH? If he was John Smith, would this have played out differently? What happened to all that “hope talk”, Mr. Obama? What happened to the dream you created that I believed…that Americans are united for their ideals not ethnicity or race! Why is the US so silent when it comes to Mohamed Soltan?