1-1-2014 10-53-17 AM

This week, Egypt’s coup government usurped 7 billion Egyptian pounds from 1,055 charities serving the poor in all of the country’s provinces. The impact is massive and the stories of desperate Egyptians are many.

One Christian man speaks about his newborn daughter who has been in an incubator at one of these charities. He says, “We are all Egyptian” and this Islamic charity never differentiated between Christian and Muslim. Since the freeze on assets, the charity-run free hospital can no longer keep his daughter. Other government-run hospitals are asking for more money than he can come up with. His eyes tear up as he vows to steal to keep his daughter alive.

Another devastating story, a woman tells of her twin babies born just 17 days earlier. One of her babies in a government-run hospital died because the family could not pay the thousands of pounds for medication and incubation. The other baby has been completely cared for in an incubator at the charity hospital for free, but now they are asked to come claim their baby since the hospital no longer has funding. She expresses her frustration at the inhumanity of the coup government’s decision that will impact almost 200 babies in incubators at this one charity facility.

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