Activists on Facebook today posted a photo and video showing a truck very similar to the one used by the police in Egypt to crack down on protestors, this truck though was painted red and had the Coca Cola logo on it. This has raised questions about why these trucks have started appearing on Egypt’s streets, these days with the unstable events.

Questions like;
1. Are the police force using these trucks (with the logo) as a disguise to make it easier to arrest protestors?
2. Has the economic situation in Egypt become so desperate that they’re selling space for ads on governmental property like their trucks?
3. Is Coca Cola’s marketing department unaware that these types of trucks are a disliked symbol in Egypt? Would they risk their image by placing their logo on such trucks?
4. Has the coup’s government released these trucks with the country’s current unstable situation as a ploy to make it appear in the media that protestors are against America and its companies?
5. Does Coca Cola support the coup?

Coca Cola has replied to some posts on their Facebook page and Twitter “The truck shown is neither the property of Coca-Cola nor has been authorized to carry the Coca-Cola logo. We are continuing to look into this matter.”

But as Egyptian/Americans we would like Coca Cola to release a statement after investigation in answer to these questions to the public through various media sources to reach the people of Egypt many who may not have access to the internet but just saw the truck with Coca Cola logo in the street or saw it used by the military to arrest protestors.

We would also like to ask our fellow Egyptians not to be hasty in judging these trucks until Coca Cola releases an official statement regarding them. We would also warn the government against using these trucks as a ploy, and to avoid using any form of violence against peaceful protestors.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEIuXrCy5Lw